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Tutoring Services Grades Preschool-8th

Our Tutoring Services are designed for students who need extra support to succeed in school. All of our highly qualified tutors work with students to help them improve their grades, reinforce skills, and give them the support they need academically. We are here to fulfill the academic needs of students to ensure their success in school.

We offer a full educational program for students who need extra help in certain subject areas. All of our tutors are highly qualified and have many years of experience working with students in individual and classroom settings. We work directly with schools and teachers to ensure your child gets the extra help they need. Our tutoring program is aligned with the California State Framework to stay focused on state wide goals and objectives. We also offer individual reading instruction and Homework Support for those student who need some extra help to keep them focused and on track during homework & study time.

Qualified Tutors:

We have tutors for every subject and grade level that are well educated and experienced with teaching students in a variety of levels. Their goal is to help students succeed in school, take the frustration out of learning, and move to their next level of learning. To ensure the safety of all students, we highly screen our tutors with extensive reference and background checks which include Live scan fingerprints for the FBI and Department of Justice.

Tutoring Locations:

We offer tutoring services at a variety of locations tutoring at students homes, local coffee shops, libraries, etc…

Individual Tutoring:

Our individual tutoring program includes one-on-one instruction for one hour sessions. Our goal is to bring struggling students up to their grade level and beyond to eliminate their learning frustrations, build their confidence, and help them succeed in school. We focus on one subject at a time and work on concepts that are unclear or difficult for students to understand.

Individual Tutoring Pricing:

$40/hour for individual tutoring (Prices vary according to tutor travel time, location, subjects, etc…)
Add/Reduced rates for group lessons and multiple weekly sessions.

Reading Instruction

All of our tutors are highly trained and have years of experience in teaching reading decoding, fluency, and comprehension. Every student in our reading program is assessed and placed in a program that is built around their reading strengths and weaknesses. We teach a variety of reading strategies so that each student will have the tools they need to continue improving their reading level to become fluent, confident readers throughout their life.

Our reading specialists are highly screened and trained to ensure the success of all students. They all have many years of teaching a variety of reading strategies to students at various levels of reading. To ensure the safety of our students, we require all teachers to perform a Live Scan Fingerprint test to verify they have no criminal background with the FBI or Department of Justice.

Our main goal with our reading students is to help them become fluent, confident readers by building a program for them around their individual reading level. We begin where they are and move them forward making sure they have mastered every skill along the way to become successful readers.

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All of our programs are aligned with the California framework Curriculum guidelines to ensure success of all students.

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