Summer Bridge Information

The Summer Bridge Program was established in 1998 to give elementary students the opportunity to continue learning throughout the summer months. The main goal with Summer Bridge is to give students a “head start” in their upcoming grade level. We create a “bridge” of learning from one grade to the next by reviewing challenging concepts that students have already learned and introduce new skills that they will need to master in the upcoming school year. It is a perfect academic program for summer because teachers make learning fun, there is no homework, and classes are flexible with vacation schedules. All of our classes are taught by credentialed teachers who have many years of classroom teaching experience as well as their credentials in elementary education. Their expertise and experience gives them the knowledge to know what students need to bridge to their next level of learning. We focus on the basics in elementary education which is reading, language arts, and math. Our curriculum this year will focus on the new California Common Core Curriculum.

Since Summer Bridge is a summer program, our staff is very flexible. If a student is absent due to vacation(s) or other summer activities, there is no make-up work and when they return to class, we welcome them with the daily lessons. Parents can also request a “Summer Bridge Homework Packet” for their child to take with them on vacation if they choose to do so.

All of our programs are aligned with the California framework Curriculum guidelines to ensure success of all students.

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*Our goal is to help get students to their next level of education.


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